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What We Do
In todays high technology world, it is often times difficult to trudge your way through all the possibilities to address your needs.
Arroyo Consulting analyzes each client's needs and develops unique custom applications interactively with our clients. We analyze your business needs and develop an appropriate plan and application. We keep our clients involved in the development process from conceptualization to design, programming and implementation to insure what we are developing will in fact fit our client's needs.
New Website Creation We can take something as basic as a couple of hand drawn sketches and turn them into a full blown website. When coming up with logos and frameworks we provide multiple "proofs" based on information gathered during client interviews. Right Click Here and choose "save target as" for our "From Concept to Reality" document in pdf format (655,360 bytes).
Website Rewrites We can take your existing web site and add needed functionality or spruce up it's image. When coming up with logos and frameworks we provide multiple "proofs" based on information gathered during client interviews. Right Click Here and choose "save target as" for our "Website Facelift" document in pdf format (872,448 bytes).
User Modifiable Dynamic Content We specialize in developing Dynamic web based applications, what we mean by that is content that changes based on external data. That data can be "feeds" from your existing accounting or marketing databases, or new information managed by you via easy to use we based administrative interfaces. Right Click Here and choose "save target as" for our "Dynamic Website Storyboard" document in pdf format (6,471,680 bytes).
Proof Development During the devlopment of your website, we will provide you with "proofs" of different concepts, "look and feel", based on your input and feedback. These proofs are full working versions of what your website will look like. Following are various examples of this, click on the hyperlinks to see the proof pages.
Example 1  Example 2  Example 3  Example 4 
Example 5  Example 6  Example 7  Example 8 

Advanced Technology Solutions In developing solutions for our client's we strive in finding advanced tecnology solutions that will give you the competetive edge over your competition. We have developed solutions for clients including Microsoft Word to website content integration, Microsoft Excel website data downloads, Online dynamic bar code creation, Online dynamic PDF document creation, Web based credit card scanning, just to name a few.
Website Hosting Arroyo Consulting provides hosting as an added service to our web site programming customers only. We do not provide email hosting or email services. Hosting rates vary depending on usage. Hosting fees include live usage of whichever environment your site was programmed in (separate from the development environment), full 5 meg Internet line speeds over a fiber optic backbone provided from Surewest Broadband a Tier 1 internet provider with guaranteed 99.9% uptime from Surewest, firewall and routing through Cisco and Sonicwall hardware, and daily full system backups.
Other Services In addition to web based services we can also service needs in areas such as client/server design and programming, data conversions, intranet/internet structure design and implementation, software development process managment, Windows server management, Linux/Unix server management, DBA services with most major databases.